Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Leonardo's Cam Hammer

Versione Italiana

A long time ago, in a rainy day, I discovered the charm of Leonardo's machines. So I decided to build a small scale model of one of these machines (in fact I have built 4). I was fascinated by the "Hydraulic Saw" but I realized immediately that it would be too challenging to start with a model so complex. Then I started with the "Hammer Cam." And so I did a project, I bought the material and began to give shape to my model. Here are some photos of the phases of construction:

Most of all the material can be found in a home improvement store.

The more complex object could be the anvil. To build the anvil I used a special liquid metal from Prochima.

I used epoxy glue. Then the assembly was quick.

Even for the hammer I used the liquid metal from  Prochima.

And finally, painting and nameplate.


And as if they were works of art I have numbered and signed all four models.
Now, one is exposed in my dashboard, I gave another to a friend for Christmas,
while the last two are waiting to merit a new owner.

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