Saturday, October 8, 2016

CARGO CULT A walk on the set

It's time to join the "Steve" .gif animations with the Javascript code of the previous post.

First I have to get with Gimp, the 4 images necessary to allow Steve to move freely back and forth.

You also need to make some changes to the JavaScript code (which I shared a few posts ago) to load the gif and png steve at the right time.

function addSteve(aspect)
if (steve==null){
steve = new Image();
steve = document.createElement('img'); = 'steve';
steve.setAttribute("src", aspect); = 'position:absolute;top:'+steveTop+'%;left:'+stevePosX+'%;height:'+steveHeight+'%;width:auto;pointer-events:none;opacity:1;z-index:100;';
}else{ = 'position:absolute;top:'+steveTop+'%;left:'+stevePosX+'%;height:'+steveHeight+'%;width:auto;pointer-events:none;opacity:1;z-index:100;';

function startWalking()
if (steve!=null){
if (parseFloat( > steveMoveToX){
steveMoveDir = "left";
steveAspect = "img/mainfigure/steveleft.gif";
steveMoveDir = "right";
steveAspect = "img/mainfigure/steveright.gif";
steve.setAttribute("src", steveAspect);
myWalk = setInterval(walkHandler, 30);

function stopWalking()
if (steveMoveDir == "left"){
steveAspect = "img/mainfigure/steveleftstand.png";
steveAspect = "img/mainfigure/steverightstand.png";
steve.setAttribute("src", steveAspect);

And the "game" is done !!
I'm kidding...

Here the code.

In fact we are not even 1% of the work needed to get the publication on Play Store or at least that's what I would say thinking about the work I did to get to publish the game CARGO Cult.

 CARGO Google Play

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